Refurbished Machinery

Dairy interior

Making the most of your existing machines

If you don't want to fit an entirely new range of machinery we can still help you refit your equipment with refurbished and second hand machines.

Selling on your second hand equipment

If you are planning on upgrading your milking parlour to accommodate more cattle, your existing machinery can still effectively serve someone else. We can buy machinery which is being replaced from you for refurbishment, helping to reduce the cost of your refit.
High quality second hand machinery doesn't have to go to waste! Call:

07802 757 495

Refurbished and refitted

A refurbished machine offers you the benefit of being more affordable, and with our maintenance, without compromising on the machine's functionality.

Refurbished machinery available:

• Refurbished milking parlours
• Refurbished herd management
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