Equipment inside the dairy

The plug & milk concept

The MIone is a modular MultiBox system, and will help you to increase your business income in the future. Especially important to you, with the Multibox-System (with milking centre) your herd can grow without an overwhelming amount of work. It can grow according to the needs of the dairy farms: from one-box up to five-box system, ready for milking ex works. Even if you expand your existing system by adding an extra milking stall it is just a single robot that runs several stalls simultaneously! The technology runs at optimum capacity and your investment remains viable.

Locating the teats with the help of a 3D-direct camera system

With the latest and unique teat locating technology from GEA Farm Technologies the position of the teats on the udder are detected quickly and unambiguously. At the core of the system is a 3D-direct camera secured to the application arm. The camera simultaneously sees the teat-cups and the teat, brings both directly in relation to each other, and thus ensures that attaching is both quick and secure. Another advantage of this technology compared to conventional systems is the lack of sensitivity to oblique sources of light.

Furthermore, the process allows the camera to be mounted in a position, where it is best protected against dirt and possible kicks of the animals. As, in the MultiBox concept, the robot arm for placing the teat-cup immediately moves on to the next stall or next cow after having carried out its task and never remains under the cow during milking. The system additionally ensures that the risk of possible damage is further reduced.
£d camera system for locating teats
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How the MIone works

The MIone is a milking robot with MultiBox system in which parallel milking is possible from a single stall up to a maximum of five, depending on the size of the system.

As soon as a cow enters a free milking stall and is identified through its recognition tag, its personal data are compared with that in the MIones database. If it is intended that the cow will be milked, the equipment then begins distributing the power feed ration suitable for that individual cow. This is controlled in such a way that the feed is distributed during the time of the attachment and the estimated period required for milking. This ensures that the animals remain still. The mobile robot arm, on which the teat positioning camera is located and which takes over the attachment of the teat-cups, is called up by the milking stall as soon as a cow which is ready for milking has been identified and it then moves to the appropriate place. It picks up the milking arm which is located there and which has a frame at its end with the teat-cups. It then moves this under the cow and places the teat-cups onto the teats.

Now the milking starts with the working operations of teat cleaning, pre-milking, stimulation, milking and removal of the teat-cups. During this the milking arm ensures optimum positioning of the teat-cups and the hose guidance.

The result is an extremely efficient and time-saving milking process. When the cow has been milked it leaves the stall and makes way for the next one.
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