Hygiene Supplies

Bottles of pre-milking product

Pre-milking products

OxyCide Pre pre-milking dip


OxyCidePré is a new, ready to use pre dip with activated peroxides. Its quick kill reduces levels of contagious and environmental pathogens on the teat skin.

Fast, broad-spectrum germicidal kill
Activated 1% hydrogen peroxide formula results in a 15-second kill time, effective against key mastitis-related organisms, such as Staph. aureus, E. coli and Strep. uberis.

Residue safe
OxyCidePré does not pose a contamination threat to the milk supply and is phosphate free.

Luxspray 15

LuxSpray 15 is a ready-to-use, iodine-based teat care and cleaning agent. It offers effective hygiene before milking with an outstanding price-performance ratio. LuxSpray 15 is suitable for spraying or dipping.
Cow being treated with Luxspray teat cleaning agent

Post-milking products

Bottles of Sensospray 50 teat dip

Sensospray 50

SensoSpray 50 is a ready-to-use, teat dip based on chlorhexidine. It is particularly suited to spraying or dipping of the teats after milking. The high chlorhexidine content ensures a rapid disinfectant effect. Effective against all infectious pathogens. Regular use after milking helps to prevent a rapid cell count increase and, therefore keeps milk quality on highest level.


Premium disinfectant with barrier protection and superb conditioning to protect against environmental and cow-associated bacteria, it´s first-class disinfectant with 5,000 ppm iodine content.
Additional benefits of Lux Dip 50 B:
• Excellent visibility easy to check correct application
• Low-drip dip goes further
Cow being treated with Lux Dip 50B disinfectant
Luxspray 50V teat disinfectant

Luxspray 50V

LuxSpray 50 is a premium quality teat disinfectant with first-rate skin conditioning properties. Its superior disinfectant powers are excellent against a broad spectrum of pathogenic bacteria including yeasts and moulds LuxSpray 50 is easy to spray. Iodine content of 5,000 ppm ensures maximum disinfectant powers against bacteria.

Salvo Dip

SalvoDip B – the latest star in the world of dipping – ensures that your cows always enjoy superb udder condition! This new formula demonstrably protects the udder against mastitis-causing bacteria and also ensures that the teat skin always remains supple. This is accomplished thanks to the optimum combination of the ingredients. The natural effect of the lactic acid helps it to fight against pathogens and the active protective film provides optimum teat care and protection in-between milking times.
Salvo Dip to keep cows' udders in good condition
Salvo Spray bacteria-destroyer


Top quality care components such as lactic acid, glycerine, allantoin, lanolin, polypropylene glycol and aloe vera ensure that teat skin is superbly cared for, providing a natural protection against mastitis pathogens. It has powerful disinfecting qualities so you can be confident that mastitis-causing bacteria will be destroyed, such as:
  • Staphaureus
  • E. coli
  • Streptococcus Agalactiae
  • Strep Uberis
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