Service & Maintenance

Testing equipment in the dairy

Keep the milk flowing

If you want to maximize milk production, minimize milking time and keep your cattle healthy, you can't underestimate the importance of regular maintenance.

We can provide maintenance on any machines in the Fullwood and WestfaliaSurge ranges to ensure your equipment is in top working condition.

Plant testing

To prevent issues in your equipment we can test to determine any potential problems.

Tests can be done on static machines or carried out during their operation. Regular testing will help you to avoid breakdowns, identify less obvious faults and ultimately save you time and money.

All of our services come with a full plant test, and on request we can also do a full red tractor test to ISO standards, for which we can provide certificates for the scheme.
Keep your milking machine running smoothly. Call:

07802 757 495

Regular Maintenance

To ensure your milking parlour is running efficiently it will need regular maintenance checks.

Our dairy engineers can support your regular inspection of your own equipment with full servicing and replacement of worn parts and components.

Emergency repairs service

Have you experienced an unexpected breakdown?
Without a fully operating milking parlour you cannot get your job done.
We understand the urgency of this situation and offer a 7 day a week emergency repair service for all dairy machinery.
Don't delay when your equipment breaks down, call 07802 757 495
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