Equipment in the dairy

Keep your dairy equipment up to date

Are you looking to upgrade your existing milking machines? We can help. Our engineers can install a range of machines from known manufacturers such as Westfalia and Fullwood, covering all of your needs.

Options to suit your

We consider your situation before installing new machines.

Depending on the output you require and the optimal milking times of your cattle, we can install a system to maximise your efficiency. From the parallel milking index 90 to fully automated rotating parlours.
To discuss your requirements with one of our dairy engineers, call:

07802 757 495

Planning for the future

If you are looking to expand your operation we can provide you with the expert advice on the best machinery for your needs. Let us know your objectives and we can help you meet them by installing the right equipment to meet your needs.

Installation services

• Milking parlour installations
• Milk cooling equipment
• Herd management software and peripheral equipment

All our installations are backed by a minimum one year guarantee.
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